Environmental Impact

We repair, recycle and reissue more than 493 million pallets annually.

48forty is committed to environmental stewardship. Not only are wood pallets an economical choice for your business, they are a sustainable and responsible one, too.

You can make an impact too. Fill out our environmental impact calculator to see for yourself:

By using recycled instead of new pallets, this is equivalent to:

  • Trees Saved
  • Tons of Lumber Not Landfilled
  • Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions Avoided
  • Passenger Vehicles Removed from the Road

Disclosure: This estimation is based on the EPA Waste Reduction Model v15 (WARM) for “dimensional lumber.” It is derived by taking the difference between the net CO2 emissions produced by landfilling and the net CO2 emissions produced by recycling dimensional lumber. For more information, consult: epa.gov/warm. For trees and lumbers conversions, consult pine units / timber conversions, average log per tree, and the USDA Forest Service - Forest Products Laboratory "Wood Pallet Manufacturing" report, page 15, for weights of commercial wood species. Calculator assumes standard dimension specifications for a 48x40 GMA pallet.